Unique / defined by you

Exclusively hand-crafted in line with your vision, our highly skilled artisans seamlessly integrate state of the art and cutting-edge technology with uniquely curated materials to define your vision of the ultimate driving experience.  

Electric / Sustainability

Unmatched power in sustainable energy with a motor fit for Formula E cars and airplanes. Dominate the streets or the tracks with zero emission.

Supercar / Experience Tritium

More than just owning a car, the Tritium experience begins with your dreams, matures with your journey, and ends with a masterpiece. The ultimate bespoke

A truly unique and powerful carriage providing an unmatched bespoke experience hand-crafted to bring your dreams into reality. From personalized alloys, materials, insignia and display configurations to exterior finishes and interior palates, the journey has only just begun. A rare possibility only imagined by those defying the ordinary, an unparalleled driving experience is designed around each daring driver. The digital cockpit, driving position and controls are designed and tuned to work in harmony with the driver. Every journey is complete with a crisp and balanced sound system tuned to your personal audio design preferences delicately curated and engineered by our multi-award winning specialist.


Discover more hand-crafted details, features, and comforts of a Tritium experience by filling out a few details. Together, we can define perfection and explore the possibilities to imagine your Tritium.
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