Tritium Automotive is an electric supercar manufacturer with each unique individual’s vision at the forefront of all our creations as we turn our clients’ dreams into reality. With extensive experience in composite production and prototyping, our skilled artisans custom build all Tritium cars in Finland with cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations. Together with each unique individual ready to redefine superior performance,  we embark on a path to find the optimal quality of every detail so that each Tritium mirrors the exact vision of our clients.

We began on our mission to redefine the concept of a supercar abiding by Formula 1® standards with production quality, individualization, reliability , upgradeability, panel changeability, optimized serviceability, extensive ability working with carbon fiber and continuous innovation.  During this process, we developed our own set of criteria for bespoke luxury and craftsmanship to create an unmatched ownership experience unachievable by large scale manufacturers.

01 / quality

Ensuring superior quality by reaching the highest existing production standard while finding new ways to surpass each one

02 / innovation

Building performance by curating the ideal for each individual through optimal synergized collaboration

03 / your vision

Giving life to a client’s vision instead of our own from the initial sketch to the final touches and everything in between

We are a team of innovative creators who have a passion for creating the new and unique. All Tritium supercars are transformed into truly one-of-one creations with state of the art technology because


“For us, achieving true perfection comes down to designing and building a unique foundation for your definition of perfection.”


We aim to build Tritium supercars into icons of quality, sustainability, and superior owner experience.

At Tritium, we are always seeking new innovative ways to advance our designs. We use sustainable materials such as composite fiber body panels while emitting zero waste in production.

Typical carbon fiber production produces excessive amounts of plastic waste so to combat this issue we are using Smart Silicone Vacuum Membranes (SSVM) which results in zero plastic waste.

Our Smart Silicone Vacuum Membranes (SSVM) system provides the most cost-effective solution to infusion molding by employing reusable membranes, replacing consumable films while incorporating many other infusion film requirements

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