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Tritium embodies your extraordinary vision crafted by the best craftsman in Finland. Go behind-the-scenes in the ultimate experience of designing a dream into a reality.

At the core of your Tritium, is the unlimited potential of upgradeability. As you evolve, the body panels, interior elements, software, and powertrain specifications can evolve with you endlessly.

Max power (kW)
0 +
Torque (Nm)
0 +
Range (Km)
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Battery capacity (kWh)
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Tritium takes form according to your vision. We have gathered together the best craftsmen in Finland to join us in making the dream a reality, and we’ve brought it to the ultimate level.

At the very core of your Tritium will always be its permanent upgradeability. Body panels and interior designs, along with software and powertrain specifications can all evolve and vary according to your requirements.

Max power 500 kW (670 hp)
Voltage 400 V
Range ~ 300 km
Torque 3200 Nm for rear wheels
Battery Capacity: 38,5 kWh – 77 kWh optional
Rear-wheel drive

Front – Multi-link
Rear – Double wishbone

ABS (Antilock Braking System)
BMS ( Battery Monitoring System)
TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
Adjustable Electric power steering

Full carbon fibre

Space frame steel chassis

Length 4,78 m / 188,2 in
Width 2,03 m / 79,9 in
Width incl. mirrors 2,27 m / 89,4 in
Height =1,15 m / 45,3 in
Wheelbase 2,7 m / 106,3 in
Weight 1600 kg

Tritium is more than a customizable super car, it is an immersive experience beginning with your desire to explore unlimited potential.

The Tritium Ownership Program is a lifelong relationship with endless possibilities to customize your Tritium from the unique design of your first model to endless variations in all future changes, which will enable you to update your Tritium to your new favorite variations and palettes. Our team will take care of all necessary assembly, logistics and storage, making it an effortless process. In the very unlikely scenario, your Tritium acquires a new owner, our Tritium Ownership Program will continuously provide the future owner the ability to fully make the Tritium Experience their own. With our global 24/7 service and repair concept, we’ll keep all Tritium drivers on the road-safely



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